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We attended The Syndrome in Geneva, ILL March 14, 2015.  It is an excellent film and for those who are not as familiar or have doubts - it is a must see.  Here is some of the information about it -  They will be showing this around the country - Chicago and Arizona next month.  Scroll down and follow the links - I am sure it will come to your are soon.  Or perhaps you could help in getting a showing in your area.



We are happy to be part of the 8th annual Geneva Film Festival in Illinois!

Thursday March 12th 9pm
Saturday March 14th 3pm 

Dodson Place
416 South 2nd St.
Geneva, IL

(1 hour 15 minutes from Chicago)

Chicago Tribune:
Geneva Film Festival Celebrates the Art of the Independent Film
Geneva Film Festival Offers Diverse Lineup of Movies

If you're in the area, we hope to see you at a screening!

Buy Tickets ($7)

Geneva Film Festival Website

Follow The Syndrome:
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