SBS-Project - Sean O'Geary

Sean is serving a life sentence for a crime that was never committed

Sean O'Geary is currently serving a life sentence for a crime he did not commit.

Sean Patrick O'Geary was 21 years old when accused of fatally injuring 2 year old Mercedes Blough, his girlfriends’ daughter, whose death was attributed to SBS.  Sean was falsely accused, railroaded and sentenced to life without opportunity for parole.

By deeming inadmissible or disallowing specific testimony or evidentiary support, it is no insurmountable task to manipulate a verdict, in the favor of predetermined victor. When agendas and motives of our authorities and political minded judicial heads are put before the truth, then we are all certainly at risk.   Sean O'Geary and his family have been fighting since 1998 to expose and correct the many injustices, tactics and oversights committed in order to wrongfully convict Sean. His family so wishes to be reunited with Sean and vindicate him of all the false charges. To reacquaint him with freedom, once again. Too often political motives become entangled in our court system and can prevent the truth from being evidenced, preventing justice from prevailing.  Suffer our personal freedoms and tainting virtues of our legal system.  Such is the story behind Sean’s case as it continues today to overturn his wrongful conviction.


A Brief Summary of what happened to Mercedes:

Sean, Jessica and Mercedes lived together, for a short time in 1998. Between Christmas and the New Year  Mercedes developed flu-like symptoms according to her grandmother who was caring for her at the time. When Mercedes returned on a Friday evening she still had flu symptoms.  That evening Mercedes sustained a fall jumping on the sofa, playing and watching cartoons.  The next day she sustained a “like” jumping, playing injury that no one else was witness to. Both Jess and Sean heard a loud thump and gave statements to the police to this effect.  Sean had gone to see if Mercedes was ok. She appeared fine.

Sunday morning Mercedes appeared to be getting sicker. Jessica ignored numerous suggestions to take the baby to the hospital.  Jessica claimed she had no insurance to offer the hospital for payment.  Papers were found later that proved she did had insurance. Sean's lawyer delivered these papers to Jessica’s attorney and the documents disappeared, never to be seen again.

Early in 2006 Sean attended Post Conviction Relief - another step in the process. Sean is back in court with experts to prove the falling injury and on 5th and 6th  amendment issues. Judges in Cedar Rapids continue to refuse to address these issues. Addressing these issues would give Sean a chance for a new trial and the opportunity to vindicate himself. THIS COULD HAPPEN to you, any of your family and friends, or someone you care about. IT WILL CHANGE your life overnight and forever. You can not imagine the living nightmare. The story of Sean's struggle to expose the truth and others of similar injustices, and suppressed evidence, will be summarized throughout this website as we continue to build it. We appreciate your support! This website has been created to increase public awareness of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) and the alarming crisis of its false prosecutions in our country today.

The Family of Sean O'Geary